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Maintenance of Child Safety Locks

The introduction of mandatory child proof window locks in strata schemes occurred in 2017 but there are still some strata schemes, to which the Legislation is applicable, that have not complied with the statutory requirement of installing these locks.

For those strata schemes that have installed window locks, it stands to reason that they require periodic checking and maintenance by a suitably qualified tradesperson.

Given that the window lock is common property under the Legislation and maintenance inspections can be inconvenient and potentially expensive, many strata schemes have taken the view of dealing with this matter in their by-laws. A by-law of this nature may require the owner or occupier of a Lot to immediately report to the Owners Corporation where a window lock is found to be defective or removed from a window.

For clarity, under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, strata schemes must have child proof locks fitted to windows when the internal floor is more than 2 metres above the external surface outside and within a child's reach (less than 1.7 metres above the internal floor).

If your strata scheme needs assistance with complying with this legislative requirement, reach out to our team via:


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